Apocalypse Mix

Between the chaos of the daily news and this month’s unseasonable weather, I’m celebrating the release of Apocalypse Mix, my fourth book of poetry, selected by David St. John for the 2016 Autumn House Poetry Prize.

Apocalypse Mix explores the legacy of war and the ways that inheritance resonates well beyond the battlefield into our homes, our language, and the daily fabric of our lives. It’s a book I began several years ago while in residence at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts where I met Bosnian-born visual artist Tanja Softić whose work inspired a sequence of prose poems and is featured on the book cover.

Praise for Apocalypse Mix:

 From her brilliant debut collection, Shepherdess With an Automatic, to this remarkable new collection, Apocalypse Mix, Jane Satterfield has offered her readers some of the most lyrically graceful and historically reflective collections in American poetry. Always illuminated by intellectually provocative perspectives, these poems balance their raw psychological undercurrents with a calm and masterful stylistic authority.
Jane Satterfield’s work weaves the reader into its fabric of individual and historical circumstance, as well within the dense foliation of personal experience. This is a powerful poetry of great clarity, urgency, and superb accomplishment. —David St. John
Jane Satterfield’s challenging new collection bristles with history. It is rich with unearthed, recalled, and juxtaposed relics, whether of pop music, yoga poses, or implements of former wars turned vintage memorabilia. Satterfield’s poetry enacts what one of the powerful prose poems here calls “this angel’s transmission across time and space”—and we readers are the beneficiaries.”       —Rachel Hadas
What a terrible, difficult, contradictory world we’re living in.  Thank God we have Jane Satterfield’s beautifully conceived, beautifully executed book to guide us.                            —Beth Ann Fennelly

For a sneak peek at Apocalypse Mix, feel free to check out “Souvenir” on Verse Daily. In the years that followed his active duty during Gulf I, my father experienced  hearing loss in one ear as a result of parasitic infestation. In the way that war’s fallout reverberates  in private homes and our collective lives, I found myself thinking of musical ear worms, those remembered soundtracks that haunt our days.


Apocalypse Mix Cover.jpg

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