“Costumery: Cento with Lines from Early Reviews of Wuthering Heights,” Self-Portrait as Thunder and Lightning,” “Rewriting Emily,” “Heathcliff’s Curse” in Missouri Review (Runner up for the 2021 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize

“Which Brontë Sister Are You?” and “Night” in Literary Matters

“Badass Brontës,” “Emily’s Apocrypha,” and “Reading Emily Brontë by Long Island Sound in Hopkins Review

“Deer in Winter” in Ecotone

“The Sharp-Shinned Hawk” in Orion

“Equinox: A Blessing” and “Epistle with Luggage and Large Bouquet” in The Shore

Animalia” and “Confession: Nagyrev, 1929 in Shenandoah


Poems from Apocalypse Mix (Autumn House, 2017)

“Portuguese Man O’War”  in Crazyhorse (finalist for 2015 Lynda Hull Memorial Prize)

“Radio Clash” in Southword

 “Second Angel” and “Angel of Absence” in Unsplendid (selections from an ekphrastic sequence inspired by Tanja Softic’s  Migrant Universe series)

Salt” in The Common

Souvenir” in Memorious


Special features

“Lipstick,” “Letter in February,” Governess” + The Story Behind the Poems in Redux