Spellcasters” and “Errant Queen” in Interim 39.2 (Rewilding and Rebirth).

Gigan for a Pandemic Winter and “Spring Charm with Wildlife Camera” in Burrow Press Review’s Nature Issue What’s Mine of Wilderness?”

Letter to Emily Brontë in The Common

Incantation for a Vanished Visitor,” “Discarded Books at Flood Tide,” and “Haworth of Other Days in Literary Matters

“Which Brontë Sister Are You?” and “Night” in Literary Matters

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever in MezzoCammin

Brontë Badasses ” and “Reading Emily Brontë by Long Island Sound” in Hopkins Review

“Costumery: Cento with Lines from Early Reviews of Wuthering Heights,” Self-Portrait as Thunder and Lightning,” “Rewriting Emily,” “Heathcliff’s Curse” in Missouri Review (Runner up for the 2021 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize

“Deer in Winter” in Ecotone

“The Sharp-Shinned Hawk” in Orion

Fox in VoxPopuli, first published in NELLE

“Equinox: A Blessing” and “Epistle with Luggage and Large Bouquet” in The Shore

Fable with Omen and Hazard Map” in Cold Mountain Review’s Special Issue on Extinction

Emily’s Advice for the Anthropocene” and “Animal Gospel” in Interim

Flight to Dreamland in River Styx

Animalia” and “Confession: Nagyrev, 1929 in Shenandoah

Forfeit” 2015 Ledbury Festival Poetry Prize, selected by Deryn Rees-Jones


Selected poems from Apocalypse Mix (Autumn House, 2017)

“Portuguese Man O’War”  in Crazyhorse (finalist for 2015 Lynda Hull Memorial Prize)

“Radio Clash” in Southword

 “Second Angel” and “Angel of Absence” in Unsplendid (selections from an ekphrastic sequence inspired by Tanja Softic‘s  Migrant Universe series)

Resurrection Spell in Birmingham Poetry Review

Salt” in The Common

Souvenir” in Memorious

Field Manual for the Forgotten in One


Special features

The Crossing + author’s statement in The Promise of Water: environmental poems from the Hayden’s Ferry Review archive on “the many personas of water: its violence, mystery, peace, and companionship.”

Kate Bush, Corvids, Celtic Warrior Queens, and more in seven poems curated by editor Kim Bridgford in the Featured poet section at MezzoCammin

Triptych” in Poetry at the Border: poem + reflections on migration in Lesley Wheeler‘s blog feature on poets who explore border crossings

Elegy with Civil War Shadowbox“: poem + reflection on elegy and the need to demythologize the past in Women’s Voices for Change. Additional commentary on elegy, iambic free verse, and ekphrasis by poetry editor Rebecca Foust.

Yoga and Animals: Inspiration for WWI Poetry in The WWrite Blog,” curated by Jennifer Orth-Veillon: two poems (“Elegy with Trench Art and Asanas” + selections from “Bestiary for a Centenary”) and author’s note on yoga, family history, war poetry.

“Lipstick,” “Letter in February,” Governess” + The Story Behind the Poems in Redux. Short memoir in celebration of women’s voices and visions; some thoughts on encounters with Lee Krasner, Charlotte Brontë, Sylvia Plath, P.J. Harvey, and Sarah Hannah.