Selected interviews:

The Common Podcast: I talk with Emily Everett about the Brontë sisters, epistolary poems, and read two poems:Letter to Emily Brontë” and “Totem.”

Authors Talk series with Superstition Review: short podcast on apocalyptic literature, writing projects, and the inspiration behind the poem“The Zombie Skateboarder at the Bus Stop”

Frostburg University:  prior to a campus reading, I take part in a Q&A with Michael Schussler at the Center for Creative Writing. Topics include Plath’s legacy and influence, writing and yoga, memorializing war and envisioning peace, finding good spaces to work.

Ask a Local feature curated by The Common: topics include Baltimore landscapes, history, and local food, art, and brew.

On the Revolutionary and Transformative Effects of Poetry” for Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence (ed. Laura Madeline Wiseman): short essay to accompany anthologized poem, “The Body Impolitic”

Lori A. May and I talk about dual nationality, writing workshops, Angela Carter, and what I learned about memoir while writing Daughters of Empire: A Year in Britain and Beyond: Poets’ Quarterly

Some thoughts about poetry and letters, as part of H.L. Hix’s  Progressive Poetics Project