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To get there you had to go…

The first line of “The End of History”–the first poem in my first book of poetry–enjambs into a longer sentence: “To get there you had to go/where many had gone before,//taking the archaic route/the dream of commerce had cut//past worn ramparts, the Ridgeway over the hill.”

I wrote that poem a long time ago–astonishingly, in another century–but it seemed like a good way to welcome you to my website: another type of beginning. Back then, I was preoccupied with history’s end, but years later, we’re still here, confronting all that history brings us and still watching the future unfold.

Here you’ll find links to the poetry and prose that trace my life as a writer, mother, U.K. and U.S. dual national, rock music fan, professor, partner, and more, and maybe discover something in common with your own preoccupations.

Check out the links and please come back soon: I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks, including news of my next project, the anthology I’m co-editing with Laurie Kruk: Borderlands and Crossroads: Writing the Motherland (forthcoming on Demeter Press).